All dead pawn jewelry was pawned at 1 of 6 different trading posts in Northern Arizona and New Mexico. These trading posts take jewelry, chainsaws, tools, saddles, and sometimes cars in pawn for the local Navajos. About 70-85% of all items pawned are re-payed and the owner may get back the merchandise.
The local Navajos pawn for many reasons. They may need money or they may want their jewelry locked in a safe place. The trading post sometimes serves as a safety credit history. If they have good credit the trader will not kill their pawn, but hold it, even after the contract expires. Most pawn contracts run 120 days and can be extended by paying the interest.
It is best for the trader to not sell the merchandise because they then have nothing to pawn. Every effort is made to get the item back to the owner before selling.

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